Is Hemp Oil Good for Pain and Inflammation?

You might have heard about the benefits, but is hemp oil good for pain and inflammation? Read on to learn more about taking hemp oils for chronic pain.
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CBD and hemp have been hot topics lately, but how much do you really know about them? 

Full-spectrum hemp oil is a product that’s gained a lot of traction over the past few years for its many potential benefits and uses. People have been using it for everything from anxiety to enhanced sleep for themselves and their pets.

But is hemp oil good for pain?  

Before you go buying your over the counter painkillers, let’s talk about it! Keep reading to learn about how hemp oil benefits your chronic or occasional pain and inflammation.

Hemp Oil for Pain: The Studies

Hemp oil has been getting a lot of research lately. The Farm Bill of 2018 enabled more scientists and medical professionals to publically research hemp and the things that come from it as it was made legal. 

While studies on humans are either few and far between or done in secret, there are studies on rats that can show us exactly how the oil can help with inflammation and pain. 

Studies show that transdermal application of hemp-based oil can reduce inflammation and prevent pain in the future. Rats that had chronic joint pain got relief when the oil was applied in gel form. 

The potential for human use is great!

Hemp Oil for Chronic Pain

Hemp oil is good for chronic pain, like arthritis

It eases the inflammation of the joints and helps to protect the nerves. For deep pain like this, the hemp oil can be consumed internally through oils, tinctures, or vaporizers, or it can be used topically. 

Topical uses are generally done through gels and balms applied to the skin above the pain. While it can’t penetrate too far down, it can ease the inflammation and take the sting out of deep pains.

Hemp Oil for Short-Term Pain

Hemp oil can also be good for pains that aren’t chronic. 

If you finish a tough workout and you find yourself with some serious soreness, hemp oil can be the ticket (alongside stretching, of course) to ease some of that pain so that you’re ready to get up and go tomorrow. 

Hemp oil has also shown promising results in pain and inflammation on the surface of the skin. This means that painful skin conditions (like acne and some long-term conditions such as psoriasis) can benefit from the application of hemp. 

Hemp oil has also been used as a short term solution for sunburn. It eases the redness and softens the pain. 

So is Hemp Oil Good for Pain? Yes!

If you’re suffering from chronic or even short-term pain, hemp oil might be the thing for you. There’s plenty of research on the topic, so if you’re wondering “Is hemp oil good for pain?” you don’t have to worry. The science is out there and we’re always finding new things!

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