Does CBD Oil Make You Sleepy? Why CBD Is Great for Insomnia

Nearly 70 million adults in the US report serious sleep problems. Many have tried everything over the counter, to no avail.

If you’re tired of falling asleep at work or watching the clock hit 2 am, you aren’t alone. You might wonder: does CBD oil make you sleepy? How does CBD oil make you tired without the next-morning drowsiness?

We’ll talk about CBD and how it treats sleeplessness below.

Does CBD Oil Make You Sleepy?

The short answer? Yes!

CBD oil can serve as a natural sleep aid for those missing zzz’s. Generally, cannabinoids help the body maintain homeostasis. Factors like anxiety, chronic pain, caffeine, or stimulus (loud noises, springs in your bed) can throw off your body’s ability to wind down at night.

Can CBD oil make you sleepy enough to see lasting results?

It’s true- CBD oil can help you combat poor sleep. Members of a recent study took around 25mg of CBD each day with impressive results. Almost 70% got noticeably better sleep- even those who already got decent sleep!

Some members noted that reduced anxiety helped them fall asleep faster. Others found that they stayed in deep REM sleep for longer periods. The upside- CBD made it easier to wake up refreshed (as opposed to other sleep aids).

How CBD Treats Sleeplessness

How does CBD make you sleepy, you might wonder?

Research is beginning to draw connections between CBD and improved sleep patterns. Poor sleeping habits can blur the line between a sleeping and waking state. In other words, your body has a harder time figuring out when to release sleep-inducing chemicals.

Cannabinoids appear to draw out the effects of anandamide, also known as the “bliss molecule” among researchers. Neurons use this and other “happy” chemicals to deal with stress and other negative chemical reactions in the body.

Naturopathic doctors often note CBD’s ability to relax muscles. If you suffer from restless leg syndrome at night, CBD can help lessen muscle spasms, letting you drift off into sleep.

Even if you don’t notice any cramps or aches, bad posture throughout the day can make it hard to sleep. If you don’t like taking baths or worry about psychoactive substances, CBD is the perfect alternative for that full-body feeling of calm.

Ways to Try CBD for Insomnia

Does CBD make you tired? Yes, but your reaction may vary slightly depending on how you choose to take CBD for sleep. You can choose from capsules in a variety of doses (often ranging from 5mg to 25mg). Oils may come with terpenes that enhance the effects of CBD.

For topical needs, you can also find a salve with ease. Some come with natural scents or additives, so be sure to check the ingredients before you apply.

Take CBD an hour or so before you need to go to sleep. It may also help to go to bed at the same time every night. Turn off all devices (which can confuse your brain into thinking it’s time to be alert) when you get into bed.

The Natural Way to Fall Asleep

Does CBD oil make you sleepy? It will do you one better- it can help you fall asleep the natural way. With time, you can relearn sleep habits that will stick.

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