5 Ways Hemp Products Can Help With Chronic Neck Pain

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neck pain

Cannabis and hemp provided pain relief for people over the last 5,000 years. US doctors used these plants to ratify almost everything in the mid-1800s. Since then the versatile plants went from being a saving grace to the government demonizing them. In 2018, the Farm Bill reversed years of hemp and cannabis slander. Once again, people had easy access to hemp-based products. That’s great news for those looking for new neck pain relief.

About 30% of the adults in the US suffer from neck pain. Half of those people continue to endure chronic pain. Here are five ways hemp might help.

1. Clear-Headed Pain Relief

Newcomers to using CBD for neck pain might confuse hemp for marijuana. It’s an easy mistake to make considering they’re both cannabis plants.

Marijuana is any cannabis plant containing more than 0.3% THC. It creates a sense of euphoria and alters how you think. 

Hemp grown for CBD oil is like marijuana but doesn’t contain much THC. There isn’t enough THC to affect your mind, leaving you able to think at work.

CBD products won’t cause a positive drug test, either.

2. Hemp Even Works on Migraine Neck Pain

Everyone’s migraines are different and what helps one person does nothing for another. Without intervention, tension from a migraine can lead to neck stiffness and pain.

CBD works in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help your body’s cells recover. A primary function of the ECS is to deal with inflammation. Reducing inflammation is one way to relieve migraines and associated neck pain.

3. CBD is Okay for Long-Term Use

Over-the-counter pain relief pills lead to severe liver and kidney problems over time. Prescription painkillers include side-effects like insomnia and suicidal thoughts. Overdoses are a serious concern with prescription pain drugs.

The World Health Organization says hemp-based CBD has a good safety profile. No one has ever overdosed on CBD products.

CBD has a few side-effects if taken in large quantities. When using CBD for neck pain, start with a low dose.

4. Hemp-Based CBD Works Fast and Lasts for Hours

There are three main ways to take CBD—vaping, sublingual application, and edibles. Each method kicks in at a different time and lasts for varying amounts of time. 

Vaped or smoked CBD takes effect within 10 minutes and lasts 2 hours. Sublingual CBD tinctures and oils take 15 minutes to work. Edibles take the longest to kick in with a 90-minute wait.

Ingesting CBD makes it last about 6 hours.

5. CBD May Help Underlying Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain is often associated with tension, inflammation, and nerve damage. The endocannabinoid system controls all these bodily responses. The ECS’s job is to maintain balance in your body.

Adding CBD to your everyday routine gives your ECS more resources to use. Over time it will lower the stress and other issues triggering the neck pain.

Ready to Try Hemp to Ease Your Neck Pain?

In the years since CBD legalization, thousands of people found natural pain relief. The only way to know if CBD is right for your neck pain is to give it a try.

Always order CBD products from companies that provide lab results. This way you know the product is safe.

Visit Mia’s Organics shop to find the best hemp product for you.

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